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New Adafruit and Pololu breakout boards and sensors

16 04 2014
MinIMU-9 v3 Gyro Accelerometer and Compass, L3GD20H and LSM303D Carrier The Pololu MinIMU-9 v3 is an inertial measurement unit (IMU) that packs an L3GD20H 3-axis gyro and an LSM303D 3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis magnetometer onto a tiny 0.8″ x 0.5″ board. An I2C interface accesses nine independent rotation, acceleration, and magnetic measurements that can be used to calculate the sensor’s absolute orientation. The MinIMU-9 v3 board includes a voltage regulator and a level-shifting circuit that allows operation from 2.5 to 5.5 V, and the 0.1″ pin spacing makes it easy to use with standard solderless breadboards and 0.1″ perfboards.
AltIMU-10 v3 Gyro Accelerometer Compass and Altimeter - L3GD20H, LSM303D and LPS331AP Carrier The Pololu AltIMU-10 v3 is an inertial measurement unit (IMU) and altimeter that features the same L3GD20D gyro and LSM303D accelerometer and magnetometer as the MinIMU-9 v3, and adds an LPS331AP digital barometer. An I2C interface accesses ten independent pressure, rotation, acceleration, and magnetic measurements that can be used to calculate the sensor’s altitude and absolute orientation. The board operates from 2.5 to 5.5 V and has a 0.1″ pin spacing.
ESD-Safe PCB Cleaning Brush Neat-freaks! Put down that toothbrush and pick up this nice ESD-safe cleaning brush! If you want to have a nice clean board (or maybe you’re doing some repair) you can use this stiff-bristled brush without worries.
GA1A12S202 Log-scale Analog Light Sensor Upgrade a project that uses a photocell with the GA1A12S202 analog light sensor. Like a CdS photo-cell, the sensor does not require a microcontroller, the analog voltage output increases with the amount of light shining on the sensor face. This sensor has a lot of improvements that make it better for nearly any project.
Adafruit Motor/Stepper/Servo Shield for Arduino Kit V2.0 The original Adafruit Motorshield kit is one of our most beloved kits, which is why we decided to make something even better. Adafruit have upgraded the Adafruit Motorshield kit V2 to make the bestest, easiest way to drive DC and Stepper motors. This shield will make quick work of your next robotics project! We kept the ability to drive up to 4 DC motors or 2 stepper motors, but with many added improvements
Adafruit Perma-Proto Half-sized Breadboard PCB Single This proto-board is the PCB you always wish you had, but never realized it! We took the basic layout of a half-sized breadboard and turned that into a beautiful PCB. The top side has a white silkscreen, and the same markings you’re familiar with, to make transferring components easy. The bottom has the 5-hole pad design that matches a classic breadboard, with 4 power bus lines on the sides, and no mask so you can easily cut traces when necessary.
Electret Microphone Amplifier MAX9814 with Auto Gain Control Add an ear to your project with this well-designed electret microphone amplifier with AGC. This fully assembled and tested board comes with a 20-20KHz electret microphone soldered on. For the amplification, we use the Maxim MAX9814, a specialty chip that is designed for amplifying electret microphones in situations where the loudness of the audio isn’t predictable.
Thermocouple Amplifier with 1-Wire Breakout Board MAX31850K Thermocouples are very sensitive, requiring a good amplifier with a cold-compensation reference. So far we’ve carried the very nice MAX31855 which is an SPI interface thermocouple amplifier. The ‘855 is great but if you have a lot of thermocouples to measure it isn’t terribly easy to use. That’s why we are also carrying the new 1-Wire Breakout Board MAX31850K thermocouple amp which can have any number of breakouts on a single shared I/O line.
Fast Vibration Sensor Switch (Easy to trigger) The “poor man’s” accelerometer/motion sensor! These spring-vibration switches are high sensitivity non-directional vibration induced trigger switches. Inside is a very soft spring coiled around a long metal pin. When the switch is moved, the spring touches the center pole to make contact. So, when there’s motion, the two pins will act like a closed switch.
SI1145 Digital UV Index, Infrared and Visible Light Sensor Remember when you were a kid and there was a birthday party at the pool and your parents totally embarrassed you by slathering you all over with sunscreen and you were all “MOM I HAVE ENOUGH SUNSCREEN” and she wouldn’t listen? Well, if you had this UV Index sensor connected up to an Arduino you could have said “According to this calibrated SI1145 sensor from SiLabs, the UV index right now is 4.5 which means I do not need more sunscreen” and she would have been so impressed with your project that you could have spent more time splashing around.
ChronoDot Ultra-precise Real Time Clock v2.1 This is the latest version of the ChronoDot RTC, an extremely accurate real time clock module, based on the DS3231 temperature compensated RTC (TCXO). It includes a CR2016 battery (not shown, but included in the product) which should last at least 8 years if the I2C interface is only used while the device has 5V power available. No external crystal or tuning capacitors are required.
Stereo 3.7W Class D Audio Amplifier MAX98306 This incredibly small stereo amplifier is surprisingly powerful – able to deliver 2 x 3.7W channels into 3 ohm impedance speakers. Inside the miniature chip is a class D controller, able to run from 2.7V-5.5VDC. Since the amp is a class D, its incredibly efficient (over 90% efficient when driving an 8 speaker at over a Watt) – making it perfect for portable and battery-powered projects.
100:1 Micro Metal Gearmotor with Extended Motor Shaft This gearmotor is a miniature (0.94″ x 0.39″ x 0.47″), high-power brushed DC motor with 100:1 metal gearbox, similar to Sanyo’s popular 12 mm gearmotors. These units have a 0.365″-long, 3 mm-diameter D-shaped output shaft. This version also has a 4.5 x 1 mm extended motor shaft.
Optical Encoder Pair Kit for Micro Metal Gearmotors 5V Add quadrature encoders to your micro metal gearmotors (extended back shaft version required) with this kit consisting of two sensor boards, two 3-tooth encoder wheels, and two 5-tooth encoder wheels. The installed system does not exceed the 12 mm x 10 mm cross section of the motors and extends only 5 mm beyond the plastic motor end cap. The 3-tooth wheel provides 12 counts per revolution; using the 5-tooth wheel yields 20 counts per revolution. This version is intended for use at 5 V.

PCDuino V2, MP8511 Ultraviolet Sensor …

4 04 2014
pcDuino2 - Dev Board The PCDuino V2 has 4Gb of onboard flash storage, twice the amount from the previous version! Now included with the new pcDuino2 is a built in Wi-Fi module and Arduino headers (finally with the same architecture as Uno boards) meaning you will no longer need to purchase a separate wireless module or shield adapter for this dev board!
UV Sensor Breakout - ML8511 The ML8511 breakout is an easy to use ultraviolet light sensor. The MP8511 UV (ultraviolet) Sensor works by outputing an analog signal in relation to the amount of UV light that’s detected. This breakout can be very handy in creating devices that warn the user of sunburn or detect the UV index as it relates to weather conditions.
Sound Detector The Sound Detector is a small and very easy to use audio sensing board with three different outputs. The Sound Detector not only provides an audio output, but also a binary indication of the presence of sound, and an analog representation of its amplitude. The 3 outputs are simultaneous and independent, so you can use as many or as few as you want at once.
TSL2561 Luminosity Sensor Breakout The TSL2561 Luminosity Sensor Breakout is a sophisticated light sensor which has a flat response across most of the visible spectrum. Unlike simpler sensors, the TSL2561 measures both infrared and visible light to better approximate the response of the human eye. And because the TSL2561 is an integrating sensor (it soaks up light for a predetermined amount of time), it is capable of measuring both small and large amounts of light by changing the integration time.
Load Sensor - 50kg This 50Kg load sensor is the same one found in digital bathroom scales (you know, the ones you use in January for your New Year’s resolutions, and then forget about a month later). This sensor can measure up to about 110 pounds / 50Kg.

NFC Shield for the Raspberry Pi, moisture sensor …

18 03 2014
PNEV512R EXPLORE NFC Shield for Raspberry PI The PNEV512R EXPLORE NFC shield is a high performance full NFC expansion board for the Raspberry Pi. Based on the NXP PN512 solution, the PNEV512R shield meets full NFC compliant with all 3 NFC modes (Reader, P2P and Card Emulation). The board features an integrated high performance antenna, supported by the libnfc and offers a flexible SPI interface.
Kingston 16GB SDHC Card Class 10 These 16GB SDHC memory card from Kingston are compatible with the Raspberry Pi. We tested them successfully, they are very fast from power up to graphical interface! They offer Class 10 data transfer rates, which is a must for people that do a lot of I/O with the Raspberry Pi.
Breadboard-friendly RGB Smart NeoPixel Pack of 4 This is the easiest way possible to add small, bright RGB pixels to your project. We took the same technology from our Flora NeoPixels and made them breadboard friendly, with two rows of 3 x 0.1″ spaced header on each side for easy soldering, chaining and breadboarding. These ultra-bright LEDs have a constant-current driver cooked right into the LED package! The pixels are chainable – so you only need 1 pin/wire to control as many LEDs as you like.
LM2596 Step-Down DC-DC Converter 1.25V to 35V The LM2596 DC-DC buck converter is capable of driving a load up to 3A with high efficiency. You can use this module to power an Arduino UNO or other electronic boards that require a high current output.
Electronic Brick - Moisture Sensor This Moisture Sensor Brick can be used to detect the soil moisture. This brick can be used to read the soil moisture content or to trigger a signal when the moisture levels reaches a certain level.
RBoard, 4-channel isolated relay board with ATmega328 The RBoard is a unique Arduino board which features 4 channels isolated relays, one XBee socket, a microSD socket, a nRF24L01+ socket, and an ATMega328 on the board. The board breaks some ATmega328 pins, so you can use them remaining pins to interface with external hardware and sensors.
ULN2003 Stepper Motor Driver Board This ULN2003 Stepper Motor Driver Board use the ULN2003 Darligton Array to drive a 4-phase 5-wire stepper motor (5v-12v). The board is easy to use with an Arduino or other development platforms.
L3GD20H 3-Axis Gyro Carrier with Voltage Regulator This sensor is a carrier/breakout board for the ST L3GD20H three-axis gyroscope, which measures the angular rates of rotation about the roll (X), pitch (Y), and yaw (Z) axes. Angular velocity measurements with a configurable range of ±245 °/s, ±500 °/s, or ±2000 °/s can be read through a digital I²C or SPI interface.
ACS709 Current Sensor Carrier -75A to +75A This board is a simple carrier of Allegro’s +/-75A ACS709 linear current sensor with overcurrent fault output, which offers a low-resistance (~1.1 m?) current path and electrical isolation up to 2.1 kV RMS. The sensor has optimized accuracy for currents from -37.5 A to 37.5 A, and the analog voltage output is linear for current magnitudes up to 75 A. The ratiometric output voltage is centered at VCC/2 and has a typical error of +/-2%. It operates from 3 V to 5.5 V, so it can interface directly to both 3.3 V and 5 V systems.
4 Pin Female To Grove 4 Pin Converter Cable - 20cm This is a 4 Pin Female to Grove 4 pin Converter Cable 20cm long. This cable is designed to make the Electronic Bricks compatible with a shield or mainboard, as show in the picture bellow.

New products from Sparkfun

7 03 2014
Multi-Chassis - 4WD Kit (Basic) This is the Multi-Chassis Basic 4WD Kit, an easy to assemble and use robot chassis platform. The Multi-Chassis kit provides you with everything you need to give your robot a fast four wheel drive platform with plenty of room for expansion to add various sensors and controllers. All you need to do is supply is a basic motor driver and power and you’ll be ready to drive!
Multi-Chassis - Tank Version This is the Multi-Chassis Tank Kit, an easy to assemble and use robot chassis platform. The Multi-Chassis kit provides you with everything you need to give your robot a rugged tank tread platform with plenty of room for expansion to add various sensors and controllers. All you need to do is supply is a basic motor driver and power and you’ll be ready to drive!
Barometric Pressure Sensor - BMP180 Breakout This is a breakout board for the Bosch BMP180 high-precision, low-power digital barometer. The BMP180 offers a pressure measuring range of 300 to 1100 hPa with an accuracy down to 0.02 hPa in advanced resolution mode. It’s based on piezo-resistive technology for high accuracy, ruggedness and long term stability. These come factory-calibrated, with the calibration coefficients already stored in ROM.
PicoBuck LED Driver The PicoBuck LED Driver is an economical and easy to use driver that will allow you to control and blend three different LEDs on three different channels. Power in supplied to the PicoBuck with a wide range of input voltages (6v to 20v) connected to the VIN header and three inputs for each driver channel (labeled IN1, IN2, and IN3) driven with standard 3.3v or 5v logic.
LilyTiny The LilyTiny is a tiny little LilyPad board designed to add flashy functionality to your project without taking up a lot of room. Even though it’s as small as some of the LilyPad sensors, this board actually has an ATtiny microcontroller on it so it’s actually pretty smart! Simply sew on 4 LEDs and connect a battery and the LEDs will each blink or fade differently.
WAV Trigger The WAV Trigger is an audio development platform that allows you to easily add music and sound effects to your project. The WAV Trigger plays uncompressed WAV files up to 16-bit stereo 44.1kHz, the same quality as audio CD’s. One significant feature is that the board has the ability to play multiple tracks at the same time, mixing up to 8 stereo tracks together on the fly. The board has an audio jack for use with headphones or speakers and a 2 pin output that can be connected to a speaker for audio output.
Wire Strippers - 30AWG (Hakko) These are extremely handy and comfortable to use wire strippers from Hakko. These are an essential part to any hacker’s arsenal and are able to strip 30AWG wire wrap wire nicely as well as the standard 22AWG hook up wire.
P-Channel MOSFET 60V 27A If you’ve ever wondered how to control the headlight of a car from a microcontroller, a MOSFET is what you need. The FQP27P06 is a very common MOSFET with very low on-resistance and a control voltage (aka gate voltage) that is compatible with most 5V microcontroller or mechanical switches. This allows you to control high-power devices with very low-power control mechanisms.

TCS34725 Color Sensor, 2.8″ TFT Shield, RGB Led Strip

17 02 2014
RGB Color Sensor with IR filter TCS34725 Your electronics can now see in dazzling color with this lovely color light sensor. We found the best color sensor on the market, the TCS34725, which has RGB and Clear light sensing elements. An IR blocking filter, integrated on-chip and localized to the color sensing photodiodes, minimizes the IR spectral component of the incoming light and allows color measurements to be made accurately.
2.8 Spice up your Arduino project with a beautiful large touchscreen display shield with built in microSD card connection. This TFT display is big (2.8″ diagonal) bright (4 white-LED backlight) and colorful (18-bit 262,000 different shades)! 240×320 pixels with individual pixel control.
Double Side Protoboard 5 * 7cm This is a very simple double sided perf board. This board has 5 * 7cm and comes with a standard 0.1″ spacing between holes. Ideal for rapid prototyping of small / medium circuits.
Addressable RGB 60-LED Strip 5V 1m, WS2812B This 1-meter long strip contains 60 RGB LEDs that can be individually addressed using a one-wire interface, allowing you full control over the color of each RGB LED. The flexible, waterproof strip runs on 5 V and can be chained with additional WS2812B strips to form longer runs or cut apart between each LED for shorter sections. We also have another model with 1-meter strip contains 30 RGB LEDs
100:1 Micro Metal Gearmotor This gearmotor is a miniature (0.94″ x 0.39″ x 0.47″), high-power brushed DC motor with 100:1 metal gearbox, similar to Sanyo’s popular 12 mm gearmotors. These units have a 0.365″-long, 3 mm-diameter D-shaped output shaft.
Breadboard-Friendly 3.5mm Stereo Headphone Jack Pipe audio in or out of your project with this very handy breadboard-friendly audio jack. It’s a stereo jack with disconnect-switches on Left and Right channels as well as a center ground pin. You can use any 3.5mm stereo cable with this jack. The pins are on 0.1″ spacing so it plugs very solidly into a breadboard, perma-proto or perf-board.
Tactile Switch Buttons, 6mm slim, 20 pack Slim clicky momentary switches are standard input “buttons” on electronic projects. These are half the width of classic 6mm tactile switches so they line up better on a breadboard, just plug them into every-other row. These work best in a PCB but can be used on a solderless breadboard as shown in this tutorial. The two pins are normally open (disconnected) and when the button is pressed they are momentarily closed.

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